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Regional ASIS International Representatives

Chairperson - Ted Wade  
Vice Chairperson  - Sue Follmer PSP
Secretary - Brian Thompson  
Treasurer - Kyle Ramberger PSP
Membership Chairperson - Tim Shellenberger CPP
Student Membership Liaison - Kate Wilt  
Annual Seminar Co-Chairs - Tim Shellenberger CPP & Mick Moritz CPP

Mentorship Program Chairperson -OPEN
Golf Outing Chairperson - OPEN

Council Liaison - OPEN 

Military Liaison Chairperson - OPEN
Newsletter Editor - Kate Wilt
Placement Chairperson - Becky Thomas

Program Chairperson - OPEN

Women in Security Liaison - Susan Folmer
Young Professionals Chairperson - James Stritch

Security Services Liaison - Ted Wade

School Security Liaison - Rick Gilbert

Student Liaison - Kate Wilt
Legislative Representative - Mary-Beth Marschick  
ASIS Foundation Representative - Mick Moritz CPP
Certification and Education Representative - Steve Kristovinsky CPP
Law Enforcement Liaison - Gary LeGore
Private Security Services Council Representative - Ted Wade  
CSO Roundtable Representative - Rick Kelly CPP
Media Relations Liaison - Chuck Gouldner CPP, ISA
Webmaster - Jeff Brown CLSO

Chapter Officers and Volunteers

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Group 5 Senior Regional VP
Robert E. Johnson, Jr. - RIBI Security
Region 5B Regional VP
James A. Prout - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Region 5B Assistant Regional VP
Michael R. Nagurny, CPP - Highmark Inc
Region 5B Assistant Regional VP
Mark A. Wolfheimer - Wolfpack Security
Local Regional Chapters

Greater Philadelphia Chapter (031)
Central Pennsylvania Chapter (079)
Lehigh Valley Chapter (070)
Schuylkill Valley Chapter (128)
Baltimore Chapter (036)
Delaware (054)
New Jersey
South New Jersey Chapter (170)
Central New Jersey Chapter (093)
Northern New Jersey Chapter (013)
Western New Jersey Chapter (088)