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ANNUAL SEMINAR: School Security

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook: A review of what happened at Sandy Hook and best practices for the future.

Behavioral Threat Assessment: A presentation concerning how to utilize behavioral health assessment to protect schools and mitigate risk.

Changing Mindsets: Methods and Tactics in Responding to an Active Shooter for Both Administrators and First Responders

How to Select Security Solutions For Your School: Learn how to determine what security solutions will assist your school to prevent violence and other incidents.

School Violence Panel Discussion: Security, law enforcement and school personnel will discuss security at school, risk mitigation measures and cooperation and communication.


7:30am 8:00am Registration
8:00am 8:10am Welcome and Introductions
8:10am 11:45am Morning Session
12:00pm 12:30pm LUNCH (Included with all Registrations!)
12:30pm 1:15pm Keynote speaker and Awards Ceremony
Security Professional of the Year Award
Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award
1:25pm 3:45pm Afternoon Sessions
3:45 pm 4:00pm Closing session

Sponsors recieve one admission registration (a $100 value!) with their Sponsorship
Vendors recieve two admission registrations (a $200 value!) and a table in our dealer hall to display information and discuss their services.

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Chapter 79 Library - Available by request

Chapter 79 has a variety of educational resources for members, especially those studying for CPP, PSP and PCI exams.
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Webinar Titles

1. Demonstrating the Value of Your Security Program
2. Understanding Body Language: Recognizing the Hidden Meaning of Unspoken Dialogue
3. Behavioral Pattern Recognition: A Proactive Approach to Protective Security
4. Developing a Strategic Mindset: How to Become a Trusted Strategic Advisor