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Chapter Members, 
Our Young Professionals Chairperson Kate Chadwich-Johnson has been contacted by Kevin Peterson, primary author of a new Elsevier graduate-level text on “Enterprise Security Risk Management”.  He has asked for contributors who can either write or contribute partially to a chapter in various areas. His greatest need at this time is "light industry" and "entertainment".
While he has greatest need in the areas mentioned, he would be appreciative of help in other areas as well.  If anyone is interested in contributing, they can contact Kate at  and she can put you in touch with Kevin. 
Ted Wade
Chapter Chairperson
ASIS International Chapter #079

Chapter member Chuck Goulder presented with the Mrs. Smith Award by the South Central Task Force: Business, Industry, and Infrastructure Subcommittee.
Good afternoon,

Yesterday George Giangi and I had the pleasure of presenting an award to Chuck Gouldner, CPP, ISA, PCIP; IT Security Manager for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company.

Chuck was recognized with the Mrs. Smith Award from the South Central Task Force Business, Industry and Infrastructure Subcommittee.  For those who are not aware of the South Central Task Force, it is one of 9 regional counter-terrorism task forces in Pennsylvania.  The South Central Task Force provides emergency preparedness and response capabilities for emergencies that exceed the capabilities of local jurisdictions across an eight county area.

The symbolic Mrs. Smith is used as a catch phrase within the task force as the ‘customer’ who picks up the phone and calls 911 during the worse day of their life.  Mrs. Smith can be a citizen, small business owner, or a large business that is impacted by a man made or natural disaster.  Making Mrs. Smith’s problems go away regardless of jurisdictional borders and functional specialties is the task of all emergency responders in the region.

Chuck was nominated for his significant and substantive efforts to improve regional emergency preparedness.  He has provided training and situational awareness updates on both physical and cybersecurity issues  to ASIS International and the SCTF Business, Industry, and Infrastructure Subcommittee for more than a decade.

Chuck will be one our speakers at our April 20th Annual Seminar so everyone attending can congratulate him in person.
Ted Wade, MA
Chapter Chairperson
ASIS International
Central Pennsylvania Chapter #079  

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