Chuck Gouldner

-Various Cyber Security Topics
-Workplace Violence Awareness

30 - 60 minutes

John Maffey
Todd Willoughby

-Cloud Computing

45-60 minutes 

Mick Moritz

-Business Intelligence

20 -60 minutes

Should you wish to add your program to this list or have suggestions for programs or speakers to add, please contact Charles Gouldner.

Kirby McKinney
717.526.9898 or 717.395.5500 -

Secure Sentient Environment
-Utilizing Biometric Video
Analytics to identify and track
individuals logical
and physical access to achieve
true convergence

30 - 45 minutes

Cris Hertig

-Careers in Security & Investigation

90-120 minutes

-Terrorism in the US

30-90 minutes

-Assault Prevention (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)

30-60 minutes

Ted Wade

-Enterprise Security Risk Management
-Violence Prevention

​-Physical Security for IT Security Professionals

​-Active Shooter Incident Liability

​-Soft Target Awareness and Security

45-90 minutes

Speakers Bureau

Dan Benny

-General Aviation Security
-Airport Security
-Terrorism Overview
-Islam and Terrorism
-Industrial Espionage
-Protection of Cultural Property
-Private Investigation

20-60 minutes

James Cratty
Various Department of Homeland Security products,
-Programs and initiatives relative to infrastructure

30-45 minutes

Michael J. Koval
School Police Officer

Northern Lebanon School District

-School security and

-School police officer/resource officer